Funzi Island Kenya

Funzi Island in Kenya is on the south coast of Kenya, 70 kilomteres south of Mombasa and 35km from Diani beach. It consists of 4 mangrove islands where Funzi Island is the main island and the only one with permanent inhabitants. Funzi Island Kenya is an exotic paradise for weddings, honeymooners and private escapes on African coast. It offers unspoiled exotic beauty, spectacular wildlife and unique accommodation.

Funzi Island is known for its pristine beaches and as Kenya’s best nesting site for a variety of sea turtles, such as Chelonia mydas, green turtle, Eretmochelys imbricate, hawksbill, and leatherback

Funzi Island is inhabited with permanent people of the Shirazi tribe. They live in a small ancient village of about 1500 members. Here you can discover history of the coast of Kenya and learn some of the traditions of the local people.

Funzi Island offers serenity and privacy to guests touring the island. One or two nights at Funzi Island adds value to your holiday in Diani. The picturesque landscape is breathtaking. One can also visit the island after experiencing wildlife safari in the Kenya National Parks and Game Reserves.

Activities that can be carried out:

  • Sundowner cruise along the Ramisi river which offers memorable experience
  • Cultural visit of the ancient village
  • Visit the Shirazi people
  • Bird Watching

Accommodation in Funzi Island