Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is situated east of the Nairobi on Mombasa road, in the middle of Nairobi and Mombasa and is one of the largest parks in Kenya, approximately 13,747 sq. Km. The park which is situated in a semi-arid area offers a vast and untapped arena of arid bush which is washed by azure and emerald meandering of Galana River.

The park is named after the Tsavo River, which streams west to east via the national park.

The park is a home to a wide range of animals such as elephants, aardwolf, leopard, lion, waterbucks, buffalo, Rhino, gazelle, giraffe, African Civet, bushbuck, Blue Duiker, bush baby, African wildcat, crocodile, bush duiker, clawless otter, bush squirrel, banded mongoose, caracal, buffalo, Red duiker, cheetah, eland, greater galago, Lesser Kudu, East African hedgehog, Coke’s hartebeest, hippo, naked mole rat, dik-dik, Gerenuk, Hirola among many other wild animals. More than five hundred birds have also been recorded here.

There are wide ranges of accommodation in Tsavo East National park to cater for all budgets where one can stay while visiting the park

The climate of the park is warm and dry

Gates to Tsavo East National Park

  • Mtito Andei Gate
  • Buchuma Gate
  • Sala Gate
  • Voi Gate
  • Ithumba Gate.
  • Manyani Gate


  • Aruba Dam which is visited by a wide range of animals thus offering a great game viewing destination
  • Mudanda Rock
  • Lugards Falls
  • Elephant in Eden
  • Yatta Plateau


  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching

Tsavo East National Park Entrance Fees

Tsavo East National Park Entrance Fee is as follows: ( Updated 2018)

Tsavo East National Park Entrance Fees Citizens Citizens Residents Residents Non -Residents Non -Residents
515 215 1030 515 52 35

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