Amboseli Balloon Safari

Amboseli Balloon Safari: The Amboseli hot air balloon safari offers you an amazing experience from above the sky.

As you start to be lifted up the sky while in the basket, you will feel that awesome thrill as the ballon cuts through the crisp clean air of Amboseli.

You will slowly ascend drift over the open wood savannah grasslands peppered with Acacia tortilis trees through which a wide array of wild and majestic animals criss-cross. On one side you will be able to view the magical Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is the world’s highest free-standing mountain, and on the other side, you will be able to see the lush green wetlands, open savannah grassland, and Lake Amboseli.

You will continue to have an awesome experience and spectacular views until the balloon descends after which you will have a delectable champagne breakfast, a beautiful way to end your balloon safari.

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Amboseli Hot Air Balloon Safari

Amboseli Balloon Safari

Step 1 – Arrival – Camp/Lodge Pick-Up

Pick-up time depends on where your Camp or Lodge is situated. All pick-ups are scheduled to ensure the guest arrives at the Balloon Camp before 5:15 am. Pick-up time can be as early as 4:00 am depending on how far the camp is located to ensure a smooth flight.

Balloon Camp Check-In

On arrival at the camp, you will be required to observe KCAA Approved and Established COVID-19 protocols, including temperature checks, masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing. You will visit and Check-in at our Reception Desk to complete Passenger Information Waivers, and then join the others in our Guest Pavilion, complete with morning beverages (coffee, teas, or hot chocolate) and fresh biscuits. Female and Male Toilets are available, and Wi-Fi and USB chargers are available to all guests in the Guest Pavilion.

Step 2 – Preparation

Once at the Launch Field, you will have a Pre-flight Safety Briefing with the Captain of your Hot Air Balloon. During the briefing, you will learn how the hot air balloon works, safety features, what to expect during your flight.


The balloon will be inflated. You will watch in awe as the high-powered burners add heat to the balloon and it inflates and rises to over 25m in height! You will have once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities with Mt. Kilimanjaro and spectacular sunrises as a backdrop!

Step 3 – The Flight

Take Off

Once all passengers are on board, the caption will add more heat to the balloon and it will slowly rise into the magical skies of the Amboseli.


Once we are In-flight, you will experience a spectacular 360° view of:

  • The earth coming alive, as the sun rises to the East,
  • Kilimanjaro to the South,
  • The many variations of the Amboseli ecosystem,
  • Plentiful wildlife Kenya is famous for throughout the area,
  • Amboseli National Park to the North,
  • The local Maasai Manyattas and Bomas in the area,

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Amboseli Balloon Safari

Remember to bring your cameras and/or binoculars. The Flights generally last about 1-hour, but actual flight time can vary from 45-minutes to 1 ½ hour, depending on the weather of the day.

NOTE: The direction the balloon takes is not guaranteed.

Step 4 – Landing

The chase crew will follow us from the ground, once the balloon lands; there will be ready for pickup.

Step 5 – celebrate with a meal

Traditional Champagne Celebration

The Chief Pilot will begin the Celebration with stories, the Balloonists Prayer, and Traditional Champagne Toast. For guests that do not drink alcohol or are younger, we always have optional beverages available to join in the Celebration.

Chef-Prepared Made To Order Breakfast

Enjoy a Chef-prepared ‘made to order’ full hot breakfast, inclusive of fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurt, coffee, a selection of teas, hot chocolate, and juices.

Dietary limitations will be accommodated, with advance notice.

Commemorative Flight Ascension Certificate

After breakfast and reminiscing about the mornings Magical flight, all guests are presented with a Commemorative Flight Ascension Certificate, signed by their Captain, as a memento of their Kilimanjaro Balloon Safari experience.

Hot Air Balloon Amboseli Price

Enjoy ‘magical’ Hot Air Balloon Safaris in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Book a balloon safari Today! Contact us for the best deal

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