Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Reserve which has an area of 131 square kilometres is situated south of the Samburu National Reserve, which is set on the other side of the Ewaso Ngiro River and managed by the Isiolo County Council. The reserve was established in 1948 as part of the Samburu Isiolo Game Reserve and most Kenya Safari packages are tailored to visit the reserve.

The reserve is named after an oasis of clear water that is found at its western end. It is at an altitude of between 850 metres and 1,230 metres above sea level with a climate of hot, dry and semi-arid.

The reserve has a riverine forest along the Ewaso Ngiro. In some areas one can spot scattered grass and shrubs while other parts of the reserve have alkaline grasslands with occasional springs and swamps.

Animals & wildlife in Buffalo Springs National Reserve

There are a variety of Wildlife that can be viewed in the reserve these includes the common zebra, reticulated giraffe, oryx, elephant, gerenuk, lion, buffalo, leopard, hyena , Maasai ostrich, cheetah and the endangered Grevy’s Zebra. Within the rivers you will spot hippos and crocodiles.

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