Central Island National Park

Central Island National Park is situated within Lake Turkana, approximately 800 km from Nairobi covering only 5 km2 and has three scenic crater lakes; Crocodile, Flamingo and Tilapia.

There is also game in the park which includes; hippopotamus, crocodiles, plains and Grevy’s zebras, topis, reticulated giraffes, oryxs, and Grants gazelles.
The park can be accessed by driving from Nairobi to Lake Turkana, where you will take a boat from Sibiloi National Park or from Lodwar. It can also be accessed from Nairobi by the main Nairobi-Moyale road or from Maralal to Loiengalani through Baragoi and South Horr.
It can also be accessed by air as there are two airstrips in sibiloi

Attractions at Central Island National Park include; the three crater lakes form the major attraction in the park these are Crocodile, Flamingo, and Tilapia Lake
There is no Accommodation within the Park and the climate of the region is hot and dry.


  • Climbing
  • Camping
  • Nature walks
  • Photography

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