Visiting a Maasai Village on a Kenya Safari

Visiting a Maasai Village while on a safari to Kenya is one of the best experiences you can have. While on a safari you can easily visit a Maasai village in Masai Mara or Amboseli.

Visiting a Maasai Village in Masai Mara

You have probably seen them in photos or videos with very colorful attires. The Maasai tribe are nomads in nature and still maintains their traditional way of life. You will always find them wearing the traditional attires which are either red, purple, and blue patterns of the Maasai shukas.

Kenya Safari gives you the opportunity to visit Masai tribe. You will not only interact with them but also get a glimpse of their traditional way of life.

The Masai Tribe lives in small mud-thatched houses known as Manyatta. Since they are mostly nomads, you will find their manyattas surrounded by cattle.

You will find most vacation safaris to Kenya offer an optional visit to Maasai Visit. A good number of Maasai welcome visitors to their homestead to have a closer glimpse of their culture and lifestyle.

Visiting a Maasai Village

Visiting Masai Village

On arriving at the Masai Village, you will notice something unique and different about the Maasai, from the entrance of the boma to their attire.

You will first notice the colorful shukas they are wearing. You will also notice the brightly beaded jewelry – the bracelets, necklaces, and amulets the women and men are wearing.

You will also see some beaded jewelry on display at a corner for sale. This is meant to support the village if you purchase.

Maasai Cultural Village

The Maasai will get into dance; you will get an amazing experience singing and dancing along. There is room for you to join the dance and measure how high you can jump.

The warriors will form a circle as they sing; one person goes to the center and jumps as high as possible to the rhythms of the singers.

As the person jumps, they produce high pitch voices. Fun is added when the visitors join the circle.

You will also get the opportunity to enter the houses. The bomas are made of sticks, mud, cow dung, grass, urine, and ash.

Maasai Village Visit Price/Cost

Book your Maasai village tour today. The Maasai village cost is usually US$ 25 per person which is payable to the Maasai Tribe or village you are visiting.

You can also request the driver guide if you would like to visit the Maasai village and he will be gland to take you.