Basic Swahili for Foreigners

Basic Swahili for Foreigners: The most spoken language in Kenya is Swahili. As a tourist, when you come to Kenya you will hear common words like “Jambo” “Habari yako”. These are some of the first words that you will learn when you step into Kenya.

Swahili is commonly known as Kiswahili and is one of Kenya’s national languages in Kenya.

Today we are going to look at Swahili basics for travelers

Basic Swahili for Foreigners

Swahili Greeting Swahili Response English Greeting English Response
Jambo? Jambo Hello Hello
Habari? Nzuri or Njema How are things? Fine or good
Hujambo? Sijambo How are you? I’m fine
Kwaheri Table Kwaheri Bye / Goodbye
Asante Karibu Thank you Welcome

Kenyan Currency

English Name for Kenyan Currency Kiswahili Name
1 Shilling Shillingi Moja
5 Shillings Shillingi Tano
10 Shillings Shillingi Kumi
20 Shillings Shillingi Ishirini
50 Shillings Shillingi Hamsini
100 Shillings Shillini Mia Moja
200 Shillings Shillingi Mia Mbili
500 Shillings Shillingi Mia Tano
1000 Shillings Shillingi Elfu Moja