Best Time to Visit Kenya

Best Time to Visit Kenya: Kenya is one of the best destinations in the world for safari.


What is the best time to go on a safari in Kenya?

Let’s find out

Best Time to Visit Kenya

Kenya Safari in January

Kenya Safari in January: January in Kenya is mostly known as a dry season. There is less rainfall and the landscapes are mostly stunning. Even if there is rain during this period, it will not affect your safari.

In January, the temperatures are usually very high, during this period you will be able to spot lots of wild animals especially the Masai Mara and surrounding conservancies.
Big cats and other predators will be spotted roaming the plains and around the water bodies

The evenings will create a perfect ambiance for sundowners and the night for bush dinners, and enjoying campfires.

The Kenya Coast is normally hot and humid and the day temperatures can get fairly high. It’s one of the best times to do snorkeling.

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Kenya Safari in February

Kenya Safari in February: A safari in February in Kenya provides a fairly dry, amazing climate suitable for game drives and beach getaways.

February experiences the lowest levels of precipitation in the Masai Mara; you will easily spot the wildlife at the watering holes.

Our guides will ensure you visit the best places where you will view abundant wildlife while on game drive depending on the park or game reserve

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Kenya Safari in March

Kenya Safari in March:  A Kenya safari in March is amazing, you will view the abundant wildlife.

Wildlife viewing is good year-round in Kenya, though this may differ for some parks as some camps may start closing down as they anticipate heavy rainfall from April to May.

The wildlife is easier to spot because the bush is less dense and animals gather around waterholes and rivers

In most of the parks, you will be amazed by the amount of wildlife you will see.

Traveling in March is also cheaper and less crowded. Book Today!

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Kenya Safari in April

A Kenya Safari in April is fairly good. It’s usually a low season and the beginning of the long rains. Sometimes the rains may come early or begin early May. During this period the number of tourists will highly decline.

During this period, the grasslands become greener. If traveling this month, carry the right gear in case of rainfall to keep your camera equipment safe and dry.

During this period, you can combine wildlife safari and beach as the temperatures are more favorable

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Kenya Safari in May

Kenya Safari in May: A safari in May in Kenya is so adventurous. The prices are also very affordable and less crowded.

During this period, the country may experience an extension of long rains from April.

Most parts of the country are cool, apart from the Kenyan coast in which the temperatures may be relatively high.

The landscape is very beautiful as the flora, springs up everywhere. Sometimes it might be difficult to spot the wild animals are they are hiding in the tall grass.

Our experienced driver guides will ensure you visit the best spots.

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Kenya Safari in June

Kenya Safari in June: A Kenya safari in June is cheaper or affordable as it’s still a low season. The month is favorable to view wildlife as there is no rain.

During this period, it’s easier to spot wildlife as there is no rain and the parks are less crowded.

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Kenya Safari in July

Kenya Safari in July: The best wildlife viewing months in Kenya are during the Dry season which mostly starts from late June to October. Wildebeest migration normally reaches the Masai Mara from July and remains in Mara until October when they start to move back to the Serengeti in Tanzania.

July is one of the best months to visit Kenya though some parks might be crowded. The prices are usually high as it’s the peak season and everyone wants to capture the best moment.

In July, it is easier to spot wildlife as the bush is less dense and animals gather around waterholes and rivers. The days are sunny and it’s unlikely to rain.

From July to October, it’s the best month to see the wildebeest migration. During this period it’s very busy and sometimes crowded in the most popular parks

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Kenya Safari in August

Kenya Safari in August: This is the time the Mara migration is still taking place in Masai Mara or the animals start to settle and graze on Kenya’s beautiful green plains. If the season is a bit late, you will see the Wildebeest Migration taking place during this period.

The best time to view the wildebeest migration in Kenya Masai Mara is between July to October. If lucky you will catch the herds crossing the river and a glimpse of the predators as they kill.

During this time the glass is less dense, therefore you are able to see the wildlife with ease. Getting amazing photos across the country is lovely.

In the month of August, you can also catch the famous International Camel Derby in Maralal in the arid north of Kenya. The camel derby takes place annually in August.

Kenya’s coast is also a beautiful place to visit during this season, you can combine wildlife and beach. The temperatures at the coast are not that high.

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Kenya Safari in September

Kenya Safari in September: September is one of the best times to visit Kenya.

September is still a peak season and most places might look crowded. There are a number of packages to choose from such as the Masai Mara wildebeest migration, Beach safaris, or Kenya Wildlife safaris.

September is still a great time to see the migration as the wildebeest and zebra graze the plains, while the big cats and other predators are on the hunt.

Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria will offer you a perfect place to see the flamingos and take amazing photographs.
A stop at Lake Naivasha will offer you a place to relax before starting your safari or ending your safari.

Kenyan coast will offer you the best place to relax after a Kenya Safari.

September is a dry season with very minimal rainfall.

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Kenya Safari in October

Kenya Safari in October: There are many places to tour and many activities to do. October is the last month of the dry season in Kenya before the start of the short rains of November and December.

The climate in October is warmer and drier

Kenya Safari in October offers you the best time to do diving and snorkeling off Kenya’s coast. You can easily combine wildlife safari and the beach.

The pleasant climate and post-migration calm make this month the best time to on safari. Most of the wildebeest and zebra are still in Masai Mara. This offers you the best opportunity to take amazing photos.

Kenya is renowned for its bird watching opportunities year-round; though a safari in October is amazing as many migratory birds begin to arrive from Europe around October and November. The arrival of migratory birds gives photographers and birdwatchers the chance to spot hundreds of species. The best places for bird watching include Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria, and Lake Baringo.

In October wildlife is easier to spot because the bush is less dense and animals gather around waterholes and rivers.
Therefore October is one of the best times to visit Kenya with minimal to no rainfall, wonderful warm temperatures, and enough sunshine hours

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Kenya Safari in November

Kenya Safari in November: Kenya is a beautiful country where you can explore all year. It’s also good to know the weather and where to go in November while you are in Kenya.

In Kenya, the short rains normally start during mid-late November. The short rains usually last for a matter of few minutes and are unlikely to affect your whole day safaris, as the best time to view the wildlife is early morning or late afternoons or evenings.

During this period, the daytime temperatures will range from 24°C – 30°C with cooler mornings and evenings.

Viewing wildlife and birdlife is spectacular. You might also not spot the wildlife around water holes due to the short rains as there is plenty of water.

Within the cities, there are a lot of places to tour, visit historical places, or do a city tour

If you are searching for lower package rates and lower numbers of visitors, November is a good time to travel. Over this period advanced reservation is also required.

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Kenya Safari in December

Kenya Safari in December: December is also a good time for game viewing. There is plenty of big game in all the main national parks just after the short rain which starts from Mid-November to Mid-December.

In December, the landscapes often look their best; they are green and best for taking photographs. The animals might be slightly difficult to spot but our guides will ensure you are in the best place to view and take magnificent photos.

Masai Mara in December is still an excellent place to visit. It is less crowded and the package prices are affordable.

From 22 December to the end of the month, the beach might be crowded as most people prefer Mombasa as their holiday destination during the Christmas period.

December is also a good time to visit the coastal regions. The temperatures might be a bit high though it’s always manageable. It’s one of the best times to enjoy the beaches.

If you want to be on safari during Christmas and/or New Year, booking in advance is required in order to secure the ideal accommodation

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