What Is a Sundowner?

What Is a Sundowner?: Going for an African safari and don’t know sundowner meaning? Or you have booked a safari and on your itinerary you notice there is a sundowner safari.

Let’s find out

What Is a Sundowner?

A sundowner is a unique experience during sunset as you watch over the African Bush. This normally takes place after a long day of game drives. The experience is usually about an hour.

This is the best time to relax and reflect on the day’s events.

What Is a Sundowner?


What to Expect on an African Sundowner?

When you are an African sundowner, there are a number of things to expect, these include a selection of drinks, delicious bites, and cocktails which are normally served at a special location in the African bush at the memorable backdrop of the African sunset.

After your day’s activities either afternoon game drive, guided walk, the tour guide will take you to a beautiful remote location which is ideal for a sundowner. Here you will find yourself having amazing views overlooking the savanna.