Sibiloi National Park

Sibiloi National Park is situated approximately 800km from Nairobi on the northeastern shore of Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. The park which is also known as The Cradle of Mankind is a semi desert ecosystem which was set to shelter wildlife and the unique prehistoric and archaeological sites. The park is internationally known for its fossils which include giant tortoile petusios broadleyi, a crocodile euthecodon brumpti, elephant elephas recki and the petrified forest.

The National park is waterless apart from the alkaline waters of the lake. Some of the wild animals that can be spotted in the park include reticulated giraffe, Grant’s gazelle crocodile, beisa oryx, hippos, greater kudu, common zebra, topi, silver-backed jackal and a variety of bird species

The land is stunning in its way even though it is so very dry. It is a wilderness made up of the savannah, lake shore, volcanic terrain and riverine forest.

The size of the park is 1,570 Km2 and the climate is hot and arid. It receives rainfall less than 250mm per annum.

Attractions at Sibiloi National Park

  • Koobo Fora museum
  • Crocodile Kingdom
  • Petrified forests
  • Lake Turkana Scenery
  • The tempestuous ‘jade sea’
  • Karsa Waterhole
  • Jarigole Pillars
  • Fossil Skeletons
  • Abundant birdlife


  • Bird watching
  • Camping
  • Game viewing
  • Archeological safaris

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