Malindi Marine National Park

Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve is situated south of Malindi town and it is approximately one hundred and eighteen kilometers from Mombasa town. The park can be accessed by road from Mombasa or by air to Malindi airport then travel by road. One can combine with Arabuko Sokoke forest and Gede ruins as are situated nearby.

The Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve was the initial marine protected area in Kenya, to be established in 1968 and designated as a Biosphere Reserve under the Man and Biosphere Reserve programme of UNESCO in 1979.

The marine park offers magnificent resources such as fringing reefs, coral gardens in the lagoons, mudflats, sea grass beds, plenty of fish diversity, mangroves and marine mammals, turtles and various species of shorebirds.

The temperature in the region ranges from 20 to 300 c and rainfall varies from 200mm to 700 mm. The park is visited all year round.
Currently there is no accommodation in the reserve; travelers can stay in Malindi town which offers various accommodation options to suite all traveler budgets.

Attractions at Malindi Marine National Park

  • Fishes
  • Sea turtles
  • Magical Island
  • Clean oceanic beach and warm water
  • Dolphins
  • Invertebrates; More than 135 species of gastropods and 12 species of echinoids have been recorded
  • Corals
  • Benthic cover ; More than 200 species of algae have been recorded on the north reef


  • Sunbathing
  • Snorkeling at coral gardens
  • Reading at the library
  • Recreational activities
  • Glass bottom boat rides
  • Nature walk
  • Picnicking and barbeque in the thrilling islands
  • An education/informational centre
  • Boat Excursion rides
  • Sea Bird watching
  • Diving
  • Visits to the coral gardens
  • Swimming
  • Trips to Manyugu

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