Malka Mari National Park

Malka Mari National Park can be found along the Daua River on the Kenya-Ethiopia border in the north east of Kenya on the Mandera plateau. The park was gazetted in 1989 as a result of it having a high level of wildlife but the region has not been developed.

The climate in the region is hot and dry as well as the region is mainly semi arid bushland and scrubby grassland with riparian woodland and palms along the Daua river. The region is also measured as a site for plant endemism.

How to get to Malka Mari National Park

The park can be accessed through Mandera Airstrip and by road which is about 160km north-east of Banissa

Attractions at Malka Mari National Park

  • Malka Mari fort
  • Spectacular view of the hills
  • Magnificent view of the valleys
  • Wildlife around the Daua river
  • Beautiful scenery

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