Marsabit National Park and Reserve

The Marsabit National park is situated approximately 560km north of Nairobi in the Marsabit district, in northern Kenya. The tourist destination consists of the densely forested mountain as well as 3 crater lakes that happen to be the only permanent surface of the water in the area and that offer habitat for a wide number of birdlife.

The park which is about 560km north of Nairobi and 263km north of Isiolo can be accessed by road and by air. By road, it can be accessed from Nairobi, through Nanyuki and Isiolo a distance of about 620 km. The road is paved up to Isiolo leaving a distance of 270 km of very bad road that is only passable by 4 wheel-drive vehicles during the dry season.

Through the air, one lands at Marsabit airstrip then drives about 4km to the main gate.
Marsabit reserve is also well known because of the huge elephants such as the popular Ahmed, an elephant that was under24 hour protection by presidential order. Ahmed, who had some of the biggest tusks ever recorded, died at age of fifty-five, and his body was preserved and is now on display in Nairobi National Museum.

Major wildlife attractions include the African elephant, buffalo, lion, the endangered Grevy’s zebra, leopard, zebra, bushbuck, Grant’s gazelle, greater and lesser kudus, and many other small antelopes.

Best time to Visit Marsabit National park

Best time to Tour – All year round

Gates to Marsabit National park

  • Ahmed gate
  • Abdul gate

 Attractions at Marsabit National park

  • Magical Lake paradise
  • Land of Gofs
  • Diverse birdlife
  • Pristine Forest
  • The greater Kudu
  • A dynasty of giants
  • Realm of raptors
  • Birdlife


  • Game viewing
  • Visiting to the local village
  • Camel safaris
  • Ornithological

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